Terry Thompson joins The Temples Company Team

We are excited to announce the newest member of our real estate team, Terry Thompson.  Terry joins The Temples Company after serving as Vice President of Operations for a large regional medical center and brings an extensive background in medical and retail.  Terry is actively involved in all phases of The Temples Company including site selection, sales, leasing and property management.

When not in the office, Terry serves his community as a member of the Toombs County Chamber of Commerce and is an active member of the First Baptist Church where he plays in the church band. He is a past member of the Onion Festival Airshow Committee, board member of the Sweet Onion Classic and member of the Kiwanis Club. Terry is also a graduate of the Leadership Toombs-Montgomery Class of 2004. Terry’s undergraduate degrees and Masters of Healthcare Administration are from Georgia Southern University.

25 Years in the Real Estate Business!

In March, 2017, The Temples Company celebrated our 25th anniversary. During the past 25 years, we have truly
been blessed to serve our clients and customers for sales, leasing and management. In 2016, we listed, managed,
collected rent and purchased real estate in 55 cities in 3 states. In addition, we currently are managing properties
totaling nearly 1 million square feet in 10 cities.

PROSPECT ACTIVITY—Entrepreneurs are leading prospects!

In the past 12 months, we have seen good prospect activity in what we call the regional markets such as
Statesboro, Vidalia, Dublin, Douglas, Waycross, Tifton, etc. We are seeing less activity in the smaller traditional
county seat markets such as Fitzgerald, Cairo, Eastman, Claxton and Baxley. In 2007, 50% of our transactions were
with national or regional companies. Today, even though we are having the same number of transactions, only
about 20% of our transactions are recognized names. It seems there is more entrepreneur development going on
than we saw 10 years ago. We believe there are two reasons for this. First, internet sales have caused many
national firms to backup and re-think many locations that are borderline on their demographics. Second, there is
not a “hot” new retailer opening stores in the smaller markets.

1031 TAX DEFERRED EXCHANGES—Too much money chasing too few properties!

We have many clients that have been looking for 1031 tax deferred exchange opportunities, but there are very
few properties for sale at a reasonable price. There is still too much money chasing too few properties.
Nontraditional purchasers such as trusts and foundations have entered the market looking for returns greater
than money market accounts, but not as risky as the stock market, and as a result they have driven cap rates
down and increased the prices of properties.

FDIC DEPOSIT INSURANCE—Make sure all your funds are protected!

Just a reminder, each person or entity is insured up to $250,000.00 through the FDIC in case of bank failure. Even
though The Temples Company trust account may be greater than $250,000.00, because it is a trust account, the
individual’s monies that are being held in the trust account are treated under their name and not under the name
of the account. However, if an individual had $25,000.00 in one of our trust accounts and also had $240,000.00 in
another account in the same bank, then the $15,000.00 of the total on deposit would not be insured.

MARKETING—We’re making changes!

We are updating our method of marketing properties to prospects. The trend we are seeing is for more people to
find properties on the internet than by calling on a sign. We are updating our brochures, website and search
engine which links to our updated property marketing brochure. Please be on the lookout for our Marketing
Update in September that will give you insight on how we are taking advantage of these trends.